You want a business you love, freedom & a lifestyle to be proud of?

Make a change. It’s time to become who you are…

Success means something different to so many people. I thought it was long hours, commuting and a title by my name but when I was faced with some life changing events the reality of what happiness really looks like struck a cord.

You have to find your happiness. What makes you feel good and do more of it. Life is all about creating balance and then you can become your best self. It’s time to do more of what makes your heart sing.

“I took it upon myself to make a change. I re-connected with the person who had introduced Network Marketing to me previously and very quickly I had goals and aspirations of where I wanted my life to be…”


I’m so happy to finally feel like I belong somewhere and I now want to help other people find this freedom to enjoy their lives too. I am looking to expand my team across the globe, so if you feel inspired to work with me and make a change – get in touch today to find out more about how you can work together to create your own success story. More…

Ways to Work With Me

One on One Coaching

My one to one approach is bespoke and tailored to your individual needs. I offer a individual focused approach to working, this is face to face in person or using online support tools. I will support you in creating a business plan individual to your needs and pull out key strategies to improve your progress.

Monthly Group Gatherings

As a team we get together for group meetings. This is where we get to share best practice, work together to achieve success and share key skills to enhance your progress. You’ll be able to work with like minded people, develop confidence and be in business for yourself but never by yourself.

The Community

You’ll be part of a private social media group which I lead and you will have around the clock access. You will find lots of information from leaders in our group and other members of the team to support you in your business development. This means no matter where you live you will have the support.

What People Are Saying….

“I love working with Sam. She is so kind and passionate about helping others – she makes this easy!”

My background is within the beauty industry and I’m also mum to three young children.

I met Sam in early 2014 and I was instantly drawn to her and what she was doing. I saw that she also had a family and was working from home with her child – this is what I wanted to achieve. Being a beauty business owner, my hours of work were really un-sociable and I was missing out. There was certainly no work life balance.

After Sam explained how she was working and how she could help me have the balance of being mum whilst not having to sacrifice the income, I soon got started!

I had never done anything like this before so it was all totally new. I soon realised that anyone can do this and Sam showed me how. She was there every step of the way. She gave me the confidence I needed the belief and the tools to build the business I have today.

We have now become lifelong friends and I couldn’t imagine life without Sam and her lovely family Andy & Sofia.

We were once strangers and this lady has helped me in so many way not only to earn an income I never thought I could I have time, freedom and flexibility and I am so grateful to Sam for sharing this opportunity with me as it’s changed my life.

Chelsea Daniels, Birmingham, UK.

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