Meet Samantha

Welcome, I’m looking forward to working with you and to sharing a little bit of insight into how I work. But first you need to know who I am and what made me go on this journey of change.

Let’s turn back the clock…

From an early age I always wanted to be a nurse, when I was younger being in the service industry was a carer people aspired to be in. If you were in teaching a doctor nurse or firefighter you were valued and the rewards outweighed the work. But being young and leaving school with a handful of qualifications I tried a few other things, the world seemed too big a place to stay in one place and I was searching for a way to travel which led me to college where I tried my hand at travel and tourism. This didn’t work out and after a college course and no job at the end my path took me back to nursing.

With a plan to become a qualified surgical nurse off to university I went. Loving every minute and threw myself into it for 4 years. I’ll never forget that day I picked up my uniform and had my first few days on the surgical wards looking after people following heart surgery, it was was magical. I fell in love and loved seeing the broken go home fixed.

Over the years I moved around hospitals, moved through the banding pay scale and became a successful clinical nurse specialist. I was never someone who hated their job, I loved it. Never imagined myself doing anything else.

But family life was looming, I was getting older and I craved a family. But knew the NHS wasn’t going to be a flexible way of working around a baby, with night shifts, weekends and bank holiday plus long 12 hour shifts, so with this in mind I planned ahead and decided to move hospitals and jobs so I could get ready for family life.

This is when everything changed. A few years into my new role and when I was heavily pregnant about to go onto maternity leave, my younger sister collapsed and died 10 days later in hospital. It was one of those sliding doors moments when your life will never be the same. 2 months later when my daughter was born life changed again, we were faced with so much heartache and excitement all rolled into one.

In those first few months of my daughter’s life everything changed. Dealing with death and giving life at the same time was such a rollercoaster of emotions, but it provided me with a vision for the future, clarity of what is important.

Time. Choices. Memories.

So I started to look for something I could do whilst on maternity leave, that I could build up with a plan to leave the NHS. Even though time became important I also want to be successful and have something for me, have independance and have success. I also love the nice things and wanted to improve our lifestyle. That’s when I found network marketing.

My initial intention was to earn an extra income and since then I have left the NHS and am now a Professional Network Marketer. Supporting others in having a healthier lifestyle and showing people like you how to develop multiple income streams. Giving others the confidence and belief that they too can make the changes to their life.

My passion is to show other people that they to can have whatever it is they are searching for in life, learning new skills to do this and by working together as a team it is all possible.

If you would like more information or to work with me please get in touch.