Your Time Is Now

by | Mar 12, 2017

How many times has someone asked you to get involved with network marketing?

For me, it was one person. Time and time again…
And I used to think, WOW she must think I’m going to be amazing (what an idiot)
But “not now” was always my answer.

Take a moment to think about the reasons why you have said no for so long?
What has been holding you back from taking the plunge and getting started?

Is it;

Negative thoughts about the network marketing industry?
Unsure if it will work for you?
Questioning if it’s for you, could you do it?

As that was me, I did that. Not just a few times but for 4 long years. I suppose it’s a confidence thing, you want to watch others first, see if they fail give up or stop. Peer into other people’s lives and see how it works from the sideline without any risk to yourself.

After being in the game for a few years now I have come to realise that this is pretty normal (but it is only what we tell ourselves) to protect yourself.

I remember all the reasons I gave not to jump in. First it was my relationship, then my job, the marketplace, that no one knew about it, I was shy, no one would support me, and dare I say it… I also even blamed that I had no time. This sounds ridiculous now as back then I didn’t even have a family, it was just me. I actually had all the time I just wasn’t making use of any of it.

Really? Come on Sam…

These were just excuses. I wasn’t ready was I? The time just wasn’t right for me. Or, at least this is what I kept telling myself over and over and over…

Years down the line with some life lessons and experience under my belt I now know that
there is no perfect time to be successful. These were just excuses as Iwas scared, lacking in confidence and questioning my own ability.

But that clock is ticking, each day we are getting older. Each day is another memory to look back on. Life is passing most people by, so it’s time for you to grab yours with both hands, take control, let go of your fears and change your words to ‘WHAT IF…’

WHAT IF it works?
WHAT IF I am successful?
WHAT IF it gives me what I’m searching for?

BE EXCITED about those thoughts and hold onto that visual.

And then WHY NOT YOU.

Most people who pursue network marketing are just like you. Normal people who want to make/need a change. I don’t have a special skill set. I came into this with no knowledge or experience in the industry. As long as you are willing to network, which just means talk to people then you’re a winner.

So do I wish I had got started all those years ago? Instead of saying no? Absolutely, YES! No brainer – of course I do – but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Don’t be like me, make your time the right time for you NOW. After all, You have nothing to lose by giving it a go.

If you feel inspired to take the next step, send me a message and we can arrange a complimentary discovery call.

I look forward to hearing from you!